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Our special edition '15 porcelain ornament celebrates the season.

Lily's A3 statement necklace symbolizes her April 3rd birthday.

Amina's 05 mini necklace honors the year she graduated med school.

Derek's NY keychain shows off his love for his hometown.

Sylvie's SG mini necklace represents her initials.

Julie's 10 statement necklace celebrates her 10 years with her partner.

Elizabeth's JD statement necklace combines her two kids' initials.

What will your Mymo represent?

Make your own Mymo with any two letters or numbers.

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How to make your own Mymo

Input the letter or number you would like to read from the front of your Mymo, and which you would like on the side, then press View for a spinnable 3D preview. For asymmetrical side letters (like F) you can choose if it reads from the left or right (the other side will be a mirror image). Order from the menus below.
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Celebrate the 2015 holiday season

What does 2015 mean to you? For a limited time only, you can order our 2.5" tall glazed porcelain ornament as a memento of the year. Only available through December 16, 2015 or until we sell out!

Mymo: Your monogram, reinvented.

We love monograms, but they seem to be stuck in a rut, design-wise. So we decided to reinvent them in a more sculptural, permanent form manufactured one at a time using state-of-the art technology.


Mymo cleverly combines any two letters or numbers into a novel 3 dimensional form. From one angle, you see one letter; from another angle, you see the other.

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Any two characters.

Your and your partner’s initials.
Your kid’s favorite number.
Your dog’s birthday.
Whatever’s meaningful to you.

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Three products.

Choose a statement necklace, mini necklace, or keychain.

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Custom made for you.

Your Mymo will be custom manufactured in 14 karat gold, sterling silver, or stainless steel.

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Or, share the fun of Mymo.

Want to give the gift of Mymo,
but don't have 2-4 weeks to wait for it to be made?
Want to let the recipient choose their own characters?
Give a gift card!